​Scheduling and Service Coordinator Process

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Title: Scheduling and Service Coordinator Process

Objective: This process flow outlines the tasks involved in the role of Scheduling and Service Coordinator. It serves as a guideline, and we can adapt and customize it to fit the specific requirements of the organization. 

Allocating Service Request

  1. Receive service requests from the team via phone, email, or online platform.
  2. Initial Assessment – review the service requests to understand the scope, urgency and specific requirements. Jam to discuss with Debbie for any assistance.
  3. Resource Check Availability – check the availability of the resources including Engineer, Technician, Equipment and Facilities for the requested service. Please refer to Resource Scheduling at all times. 
  4. Identify potential time slots for service delivery based on resource availability and our client preferences.
  5. Once the team and Client finalized the preferred time, confirm the appointment and note any special instructions.
  6. Notify the client and team by creating Service ticket via Freshdesk. Always cc Debbie in all requests.
  7. Assign Resources – allocate technicians/engineers, tools and equipment required to fulfill the scheduled service. 
    1. If the item is for pick up from Store – please assign available technician to pick up atleast 2 days prior the scheduled service.
    2. If the item is SOH – please inform Debbie/Peter and the technician that it is available for pick up. Coordinate pick up date and time. Make sure Delivery note will be given to technician assign (should have date of pick up/item/qty/project assigned)
    3. If the item is not available, kindly inform the purchasing team and check when it will be available and advise the technician and owner of the project.

Pre-Service Preparation

  1. Communicate any pre-service instructions to clients and technicians. Ensure that there was no disconnect in both teams.
  2. Ensure that technicians, tools and items are well-prepare for the service

Project Execution/Service Delivery:

  1. Technicians should deliver the service as scheduled, adhering to quality and safety standards.
  2. Keep track of the service’s progress by ensuring delivery notes and service report are being prepared and used by technicians.
  3. If any issues arise during service delivery, encourage the team to coordinate solutions real-time.

Post-Service Communication:

  1. Notify the client once the service has been completed and inquire about their satisfaction/concern. (We can use Freshdesk email)
  2. Gather feedback from clients to evaluate their experience and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Resolve concerns by addressing them. Should be done promptly and professionally.
  4. Update  Resource Scheduling with service details, completion time and client feedback received.
  5. Review technician’s time spent on the project for future reference.
  6. Maintain clear communication with both clients and internal team throughout the process.
  7. Generate weekly reports of all projects completed and share with internal team.
  8. Keep detailed records of all scheduling and coordination activities for future reference.


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